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Beating POTS. The POTS & Homeopathy Study 2018 - 3 month outcomes.

In early 2018 I started out on a homeopathic study to work on protocols for treating adults and children with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). You can read about the three month outcomes below.

POTS is an illness which is yet poorly resolved with conventional medicine but little is known about how homeopathy might bring improvements. I began the study to learn more about the illness and see which factors in a case make it more or less likely to heal with homeopathy.

All patients were offered a minimum of three treatments. Patients were accepted from around the world and consulted via video call, which proved to be a very effective form of consultation for POTS patients who often have mobility problems.

The study outcomes demonstrate that the correct homeopathic remedies prescribed in the right potency and frequency can bring measurable improvement of major POTS symptoms within even the first weeks of treatment. The study also shows that due to the holistic nature of homeopathy, not only were patients relieved of their POTS symptoms, but the symptoms of their other co-existing disorders were also frequently improved or removed.

It is worth noting that those who a) have had POTS for the least length of time, b) have managed a fever of 38.5C (101.5F) or above in the last five years, c) are on no medications or other alternative health treatments, have showed the most rapid response to the remedies and made immediate health gains. While those with more longstanding symptoms are all improving, it is clear that six consultations or more will be needed to gain established progress.

Sadly, a few candidates on the study felt unable to continue. This was due to anxiety about trying alternative medicines, or conversely anxiety about reducing allopathic medications that appeared to be causing side effects or interfering with the homeopathic remedies. All other candidates have stayed with the study and continue treatment as their health progresses.

Sample Cases from the Study

Patient 1. [remedies used: Sulphur, Drosera, Belladonna]

This 11 year old fearless boy came to me early on in the study. At first consultation he had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), POTS and chronic asthma with a suspected chronic Mycoplasma Pneumoniae infection.

Main symptoms: Chronic exhausting dry cough since the age of three that would make him vomit he coughed so much. Daily pounding headaches from dawn to dusk which were made worse by the cough and only mildly alleviated by resting in the dark. Extremely weak and brittle nails. Asthma attacks with 'air hunger' in cold or damp weather. POTS symptoms included dizziness from standing after a couple of minutes with wobbly legs. Also exhaustion from POTS insomnia or waking frequently due to the cough.

Progress report: P1 is now cough free and there is no longer any evidence of mycoplasma infection. The asthma attacks have ceased. While it took a while for the headaches to respond to treatment they are now much less frequent or severe and are reliably nipped in the bud by Belladonna 200c. His POTS symptoms are hugely improved so that he can now happily join in with games in the playground during school. This is his mother's report this week:

"My son had a doctor's appointment today with his POTS consultant. His blood pressure was normal seated and then standing for 10 minutes!!! He was doing so well the doctor said he does not need a follow up, but he'll just see him as needed. His headaches are much improved to where he’s only complaining of them about two days a week. Plus his nails are growing for the first time in his life. He's able to stand now for longer periods and he has more energy and is sleeping better. He is thrilled."

Patient 2: [remedies used so far: Sulph, Nat Sulph, Apis]

At first consult P2, a woman in her 40s, was suffering from POTS, EDS Type III, Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since Lyme disease after a tick bite in in 2009 and Epstein Barr virus in 2014, as well as Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). Medications: Mydrodrine and Wellbutrin.

Main symptoms: P2 was suffering from severe longstanding depression as well as insomnia with nightly attacks of anxiety around 3am onwards with intense feelings of suffocation and air hunger which were much worse for lying down and made it impossible to sleep on her back. She also suffered severe dizziness and shortness of breath when anxious or in the sun. Also brain fog, gastroparesis with constipation, bloating and nausea after eating, allergic reactions to corn, mold & dog hair, sonophobia (intolerance of loud noises), daily occipital headaches, shaking chills in the evenings, freezing hands and feet, and an unquenchable thirst especially in the mornings. Her energy was also at an all time low.

Progress report: P2 had a 10 day aggravation of her symptoms after taking her first low doses of Sulphur followed by a marked increase in energy and a clear reduction in her bloating and constipation and breathless episodes. Slowly but surely her symptoms continued to improve over the next two months. At one point she had an MCAS flare from exposure to chemicals at a visit to the doctor's surgery but the remedy Apis successfully brought this down. At her third appointment, two weeks ago, a higher dose of Sulphur was prescribed to try to prolong her spells of good energy. This lead to a sudden marked improvement in her brain fog and depression but precipitated an intense MCAS flare and a return of an old symptom of severe neck and shoulder pain from 2012.

While this may sound like bad news to some, don't be too hasty to judge. Given that all her other symptoms are improving, including her POTS, mental clarity and emotional stability, this fits nicely with homeopathic philosophy: when the body succeeds in pushing any disturbance away from the mental/emotional sphere, the physical symptoms, including old ones, will intensify for a while. Already, P2 tells me, the MCAS flare had died down and the neck pain is subsiding. She will certainly need to take advantage of the six free consults on offer given her illness has been so longstanding, but we can confidently say she is on the mend. Our next step will be to slowly start reducing her allopathic medications as her general vitality improves.

Patient 6. [remedies used: Phosphorus and Arnica]

P6 is in her 30s and presented with POTS that came on one year ago after a CMV (Cytomegalovirus) infection. She also suffered from facial acne, allergies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Medications: Duac gel and Adapalene topical creams for acne. Beclometasone Dipropionate and Cetirizine for Allergies.

Main symptoms: P6's worst symptoms were violent palpitations either sitting or standing or lying on her left side, with a feeling of 'sinking into to bed'. She also had frequent 'air hunger' in cold weather and dizziness from the sun. She also suffered nightly insomnia, intense sonophobia with migraines, chronic belching, food intolerances and acid reflux meaning she could not lie down flat at night. Her CFS left her muscles burning after exercise like she'd 'run a marathon'. She had marked freezing hands and feet and an odd symptom of coldness across the bridge of her nose. She also had a history of violence and being attacked in her past leaving her with chronic underlying anxiety.

Progress report: P6 had an immediate intense aggravation from her first dose of Phos followed by a profound improvement in all her POTS symptoms. We also found that a dose of Arnica provides reliable relief from her CFS exhaustion after exertion. P6's acne has hugely improved and her acne creams have been stopped altogether. I continue to work with P6 on her sonophobia, migraines, allergies and digestive troubles. This is what P6 has to say about her treatment with homeopathy last week:

"Before working with Paula, I was completely confused about my racing heart upon standing and random bouts of palpitations that had my vision pulsating and left me feeling dizzy., mixed with low blood pressure that made me feel like I was going to pass out when lying down.

Paula first gave detailed explanation about the condition and offered me great comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone. She advised upping salt intake, drinking lots of fluids, cutting sugar out of my diet, lying flat on my bed, rather than raising my head with a anti-GERD wedge (I no longer needed it after diet changes), and other lifestyle changes that really helped.

POTS - After taking the Phosphorus, I had a feverish night full of nightmares. This continued for a few days. After that, the palpitations and racing heart got so so much better, to the point that I rarely notice it today. Paula helped me fix so many things along with homeopathic treatment that POTS no longer feels like an issue. The other day I went hiking for 15km in the sun - which I never thought I could do just a few months ago! I couldn’t even sit in the sun before the homeopathy.

CIRCULATION - I had many circulation issues that led to freezing feet and nose, blue hands, and sometimes coldness that spread up my arms and legs. This led to muscle pains, chills and a lot of discomfort. Since making changes mentioned in the section above, I have seen a great improvement with my circulation and now no longer have cold extremities or nose. I also believe the improved circulation helped my digestion, allowing me to put on weight and get more resilient to cold weather.

ACNE - Paula also made it so clear how damaging medications can be. Of course in some cases it is completely necessary, however I had been taking things that I really didn't need, without even looking at the side effects. I immediately stopped some antibiotic acne medications I was on and replaced them with her natural recommendations. My skin had a bad breakout, but then 4 weeks later I was much better than I ever was on the medication. I am so thankful she opened my eyes to being extremely careful of what we put in and on our bodies!

FATIGUE - I am recovering from a viral infection that left me with CFS/ME. I get extreme muscle pains in my legs after a lot of activity. Upon Paula’s recommendation, I started taking Arnica 30c when exhausted. The difference is incredible. My muscle pain often rapidly dissipates in a few hours, and the next day I am ready to go again, unlike before when the pain would last a few days.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT - More than just these lifestyle changes and treatment, Paula also offered caring support that helped me uncover and deal with some long held traumas. It was also so nice to finally speak to someone who knew what I was going through with post-viral chronic fatigue syndrome and didn’t treat me like I was crazy.

Working with Paula Webb has been a truly transformative experience. She has helped me in so many ways."


If you'd like to know more about POTS and homeopathic treatment then please get in contact or book a FREE 15 minute chat to talk with me personally about how homeopathy might help you.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to know more about natural treatments,s supplements and other lifestyle hacks that can help with POTS symptoms then come over and say hi at my Facebook group Natural Treatment for POTS.

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