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"I have been meaning to update you about my child's eczema for the past few days but kept forgetting to; just over two weeks on and the remedy has worked wonders and apart from a very faint mark, it has all but disappeared. 


Really appreciate your help!"

 Z. A.  Oct 2020

"Since coming off the pill I have suffered from hormonal acne which has knocked my confidence for years, other symptoms were really heavy periods, tender and lumpy breasts. I had tried many different skincare products, very strict diets and I quit alcohol but my acne remained. Paula was my last resort to balance my hormones before returning to the pill.


Paula was really kind and considerate, I felt at ease right away. After our first consultation I was prescribed a remedy and even though it took a few weeks maybe even a couple of months my hormonal acne is 99.9% gone as well as all my other symptoms. I know lots of girls in their mid 20s are suffering from similar symptoms and I highly recommend giving homeopathy and Paula a try! I will definitely not be going back on the Pill, I finally feel myself again and my skin looks amazing!" 

                                                             S. T.  2019

"For as long as I can remember I have always suffered with allergies, eczema and hay fever. I was born with eczema and had regular breakouts since I was a baby. Every year, my hay fever would also kick off - runny nose, watery eyes and constant sneezing. I practically lived off nasal sprays & hay fever tablets in a bid to relieve my symptoms. 


Two years ago I went to see Paula for a consultation. I was very hesitant as I believed nothing in this world could ever cure me of my eczema and allergies. Paula asked me questions and after an hour or so, Paula came up with the remedy she believed would help me.


After a couple of weeks I stopped having sneezing fits & also the eczema on my hand started disappearing, I couldn't believe it! I can proudly say that to this day my eczema hasn't returned. Once in a blue moon my hay fever will start but Paula gives me a remedy to combat it & it goes away. Homeopathy is amazing!"       

                                                                                                                             KR  2016

"I brought my 11 year old daughter to see Paula recently, for her stress related migraines. She has not had an attack since, despite being so busy, both at school and socially including the pressure of exams, school play etc... We are very pleased! Thank you!"

                                        Rachel L.  2017

"Paula was fantastic at treating my 7 month old baby when she was teething. Her treatment really calmed my daughter down and sent her off to sleep peacefully. I felt totally confident in placing my health in her hands and would use her for all our health queries - she is homeopathy's very own baby whisperer - calm, confident and someone to whom you want to tell everything. Totally reassuring and pleasurable experience to be treated by her."

                                   Emma D  2018

" I think Paula is an excellent homeopath. She has a wonderful way of putting you at ease and is someone that you can truly open up to without feeling judged or chastised. Paula is warm and affable yet extremely professional. It is hard to ignore the passion and enthusiasm she has for homeopathy. Needless to say she has done wonders for me!"

"Paula Webb has treated me for both a throat infection and cystitis, neither of which had responded to conventional treatment. Her careful, comprehensive initial diagnostic appointment, subsequent successful treatment and meticulous follow up, mean I have little hesitation in recommending her."

"Paula has successfully treated my acute sinusitis (immediate relief), my 4 year old son's hayfever (immediate relief), my flu and both my own and my son's vomiting and diarrhoea bug... She is an accomplished homeopath and has an immensely sanguine and soothing professional presence. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Rebecca C.

"For my Long Covid I had my first ever homeopathic treatment with Paula Webb at Helix Homeopathy... This was nothing short of miraculous (and I'm a great cynic until I see if things actually work)! She tweaked my remedy over a few weeks and one day I went from not being able to even bend down to put my socks on, to cleaning the whole house and pruning the entire garden in a day!"

                                   JD  Dec 2021

" I had been suffering for a few years with all the awful symptoms that come with POTS. I tried medicine prescribed by my specialist in London & it made me feel awful. I was recommended to see Paula. It was the best thing I ever did. 

After just one remedy I began to see improvements that I would never have believed. I started to feel my dizziness, exhaustion, sickness, palpitations and fainting attacks start to fade.

It is absolutely incredible to me how different I feel. I feel that I have my life back and I could not be more grateful. I strongly urge people suffering the way I was to try homeopathy. I am walking evidence that it works. "


                                                    Mandy 2017.

"I am really delighted as I am so much better than recent days since your hayfever remedy. The real test was when I took the kids for a walk in the park. We were smelling flowers and everything and I was absolutely fine. Thank you, Paula!" 


                                         L.CS  April 2020

"My daughter's nappy rash has cleared significantly and her skin is almost back to normal. The rash has cleared and the skin is now healing from where it started to strip from soreness. The remedy you gave her appeared to take affect almost immediately!"

                                                         DT 2019

"After just three treatments from Paula, my 10 year old son had a doctor's appointment today with his POTS consultant... His blood pressure was normal seated and then standing for 10 minutes!!! He was doing so well the doctor said he does not need a follow up, but he'll just see him as needed.


His daily migraine headaches are much improved to where he’s only complaining of them about two days a week. Plus his nails are growing for the first time in his life. He's able to stand now for longer periods and he has more energy and is sleeping better. He is thrilled." 

                                             MD 2018

"I took my 18 month old daughter to see Paula due to persistent eczema. Paula was very professional and made me feel relaxed and reassured and helped me understand what may be the underlying issue. I was delighted to see a dramatic change and complete recovery in less than 3 weeks, no creams or balms used at all! Thank you for your help. I wouldn't hesitate to come back if anything else arises."

                                           Ellie T.  2017

"I came to see Paula as I had a very large fibroid which was causing problems and I was contemplating a hysterectomy. I saw Paula for around 5-6 sessions and the fibroid seems to have shrunk a lot. I no longer have any pressure from it and cannot feel it any more. My periods were very heavy, lasted a long time and were very frequent. They are now much shorter duration and are far less frequent. I am delighted to say that I am no longer needing an operation." 

                                                     TS 2017

"A recent horrid bout of illness led me to my GP who diagnosed me with chronic bronchitis and prescribed antibiotics. Instead of taking them I called Paula who patiently and astutely found the right remedies. I was well in three days. I felt that making my recovery really mattered to Paula."

                                       Rose R 2014

"I approached Paula to help with my 7 year old son's anxiety and insomnia, in the hope that she could recommend something to help him sleep - she did better than that! After taking a very detailed history she prescribed something to help his self esteem, within 3 days he was a changed child; his anxiety lessened dramatically, he was able to sleep properly and as a result felt generally empowered. I was seeking a remedy for a symptom but she was able to successfully treat the problem." 

                                          Penny P 2010



 The above statements from clients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people Iwho have come to me for treatment.  I am not permitted by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these testimonials are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition.  

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