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The Homeopathic Approach to Illness

Connecting the Dots

Like traditional Chinese or Indian medicine, homeopathy works on the idea that the human body is a finely tuned machine with constantly strives to maintain constant balance or 'homeostasis'. Symptoms are its way of expressing that it is out of balance, an 'exhaust valve' for an dis-ease, deserving our full attention rather than suppression. This is true of whichever part of the body symptoms appear in, and however seemingly unconnected these symptoms might appear by conventional medical standards.

Homeopathy is a complete, 200 year+ old system of medicine, with tried and tested principles. It aims to restore balance by gently stimulating the body’s own immune system using highly diluted non toxic microdoses that avoid the side effects often seen in prescription medicines. This system is based on the Law of Similars, or ‘like cures like’, the belief that a tiny dose of a substance similar to what makes us ill can also heal us - a concept not unlike how modern day vaccinations are known to work.

Homeopaths focus on the patient's overall state of health - all their symptoms from top to toe, rather than targeting any named disease or complaint (although many of my clients have had an 'official' diagnosis from the doctor). More often clients come to me as a last resort after their symptoms have been repeatedly dismissed - either they 'don't fit' any standard medical diagnosis or are deemed to be 'all in the head'.

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