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More encouraging results: POTS & Homeopathy study 9th March 2018

It's been just another seven days but already more encouraging results are coming in from my POTS and homeopathy study.

Patient 6: This sweet natured and gentle woman from Wales is in her early 30s and has been struggling with POTS like symptoms that came on last year, six months after a CMV ( Cytomegalovirus infection). Her worst symptoms are palpitations as soon as she stands up, or lies down on her left side accompanied with a feeling like she is 'sinking into herself in the bed'. She also has insomnia, intense sonophobia (sensitivity to sound) that puts her nerves on edge so much so that social meetings are painful and exhausting, as well as daily headaches or migraines, and a constant belching after eating typical of gastroparesis. She already has a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Most interesting about Patient 6 is that she has a history of violence & being attacked in her past and that somehow either her first consultation, or the remedy (or both), have allowed her to bring these past traumatic experiences into her consciousness to be 'processed'. This fits nicely with the homeopathic theory that a good remedy's first job is to release any disturbance or trauma in the mental and emotional sphere into the less critical physical sphere.

Progress: After just one dose of Phosphorous 30c she reports four days later: "More highly unusual for me nightmares of past violence last night and a bit restless sleep, but today I feel great. My heart has definitely been much better this week, I haven’t felt any palpitations or head rush upon standing. A few skips, but that’s ok... Stomach less burping/gas for sure. "

Patient 1: This is a hugely engaging 11 year old with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, POTS and asthma, as well as a hot temper matched by a fun loving twinkle in his eye. He has a chronic dry cough ending in gagging and vomiting which he has had consistently since the age of three after infection with Mycoplasma Pneumoniae. He somehow also copes with a constant daily pounding headache, asthma much worse for exertion and cold weather, as well as POTS symptoms that include dizziness after standing for a mere five minutes, and 'air hunger' where he struggles for breath. He is also easily exhausted partly due to frequent waking in the night thanks to the persistent cough.

Progress: After two doses of Sulphur 200c his mother reported 24 hours later: "I gave the 1st dose in the evening and the next the next morning. That night he threw a colossal tantrum like he hasn't in a little while. He was more fatigued, argumentative and just not handling things well. The next day he had a smaller tantrum but still was easily frustrated and overwhelmed. But then after that he had big uptick in his energy level as well as his headache improved greatly. His overall appearance just looked healthier and his attitude was fantastic." One month on the mother reports that his cough is hugely improved and is coughing just a couple of times a day and no longer at night. He is more able to able to reason and somehow seems more 'mature'. He has more energy and can 'last longer'. The 'air hunger' has disappeared and he can now stand for up to 15 minutes without any dizziness. While insomnia still remains and the headaches are still coming, this is a very good trajectory after just one remedy.

Patient 2: I reported on Patient 2's progress last week where her POTS symptoms had responded very well to Sulphur 30c. However this week there was a set back when her exposure to chemicals in a doctor's surgery set off a typical MCAS response (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) with dizziness, nausea, palpitations and a rash. Luckily we found that Apis 30c used for this 'acute' illness was able to bring the reaction right down so that, while still tired after the episode, she feels like this extreme fight/flight response has subsided.

I'll be reporting back on what further improvements we have made next month on some more patients. If you'd like to know more about POTS and homeopathic treatment then please get in contact or book a free 15 minute chat to talk with me personally about how homeopathy might help you.

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