POTS and Homeopathy Study. Interim report March 2018

POTS is an illness which is so poorly resolved with conventional medicine but little is known about how homeopathy might bring some light to the situation. Last year I worked with a young woman called Mandy whose health improved dramatically after just 2 appointments. (You can read about Mandy's story here). This has inspired me to help others with POTS.

Earlier this year I began a POTS and Homeopathy Study to learn more about POTS and see which factors in a case make it more or less likely to heal with homeopathy and what we can do about it. 12 patients in all have joined the study and all are at various stages of progress. It's early days, but the results so far are very encouraging. Here's just a peak of a couple of patients' progress (All personal details have been removed).

Patient 2:

This lovely bubbly young woman struggles to maintain a normal family life around her various diagnoses of POTS, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III, Lyme, Mycoplasma Pneumonia, CFS and suspected MCAS. Medications: Mydodrine, Wellbutrin

Her main complaint at the start of the study was chronic longstanding depression about her health - hardly surprising given her long list of diagnoses. What also troubled her was terrible brain fog so bad she couldn't even remember what she'd just read, as well as a suffocating breathlessness, palpitations and dizziness upon standing. She could only stand for 5 minutes before she had to sit down but even then she'd feel dizzy. She had given up driving because of this. She also suffered from daily chills with her body shaking all over for an hour in the evenings. Her stomach symptoms and gastroparesis made her nauseous on eating and she also had constipation.

Progress report: After one month on the remedy Sulphur:

* She can now stand for up to 15 minutes without POTS symptoms.

* While still feeling low, she says she can now feel a glimmer of her old self coming back.

* Her breathlessness has improved by 50%.

* This last weekend she read a book from cover to cover.

* Nausea after eating has halved.

* Her sensitivity to noise is halved.

* She was able to eat a slice of bread without an allergic reaction.

* Dizziness while sitting has also improved enough for her to drive the car.