Stop the itch! Eczema creams that actually work, naturally

Many times my eczema patients have a flare during stressful times and come asking what can they can put on their skin. While creams from the doctor like Betnovate do work they can be suppressive. Most people coming to see a homeopath are looking for something more natural, and even organic to put on their skin to go alongside their homeopathic treatment.

There are plenty of natural and organic creams on the market but which ones actually work for that intense itch and parched dry skin of an eczema flare?

Not every cream will be good for everyone, but over the years I have asked lots of eczema sufferers what really works, and they should know! In no particular order, the top recommendations are:

1. Dead sea salt or sea salt in the bath.

2. Porridge oats in the bath (put them in a sock and tie it round the taps)

3. A homemade rub of olive oil and shea butter, & even a little lavender oil.

4. Hope's Relief cream

5. Egyptian Magic cream.

6. California Baby Eczema Cream

7. Nom Nom baby and mother skincare.

8. Waitrose Bottom Butter

9. Helios 7 cream

10. Neal's Yard Baby Balm

11. Weleda White Mallow Face Cream