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Don't get in a sweat... Natural toxin free deodorants that work.

By now everyone has read about alumunium in antiperspirants and the potential link with breast cancer, but is it safe to use an aluminium free antiperspirant? While it may keep you smelling sweet, one of the down sides of conventional antiperspirants is that most of them contain other potentially toxic ingredients like parabens, triclosan, and phthalates as well as synthetic fragrances.

These ingredients don't always get washed away in the bath or shower either. Residues can build up in the sweat glands of the arm pits and sit there for months, acting like a toxic plug preventing normal perspiration even on a day off from using your usual antiperspirant.

Beyond its ingredients however, the main problem of an antiperspirant is, well, that it's anti perspiration. Is that so bad? A definite yes from the holistic viewpoint. Anything that suppresses the body's natural processes can't be good for you, particularly if your health is already compromised with a chronic illness.

To put it simply, suppressing perspiration disrupts the natural balance your body is already striving to maintain. If you're sweating it's because you need to, to flush out toxins, release excess body heat, and keep your lymphatic system running at its optimum. It's a well known fact that older people often faint in hot weather because their bodies are less efficient at sweating leading to easy heatstroke. You can read here about some of the other amazing benefits of sweating for the body.

But what if you sweat a LOT or have an overactive perspiration trigger? People with anxiety disorders or a chronic illness like POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) often suffer from intense hot flushes and perspiration many times a day (and night) and it's a real challenge to stay fresh and fragrant.

The good news is that there are some great toxin free deodorants that really keep you smelling sweet all day however much you perspire. They won't stop the sweating but then, that's not what you really want if you are trying to help your body heal itself. Working with an alternative therapist will support you in the process and help you sort the problem from the inside.

So save the antiperspirant for special occasions and switch to one of these top natural deodorants for your daily routine.

My Top Natural Deodorants

1) Make your own. Make a paste from a mixture of coconut oil, bicarbonate of soda plus a few drops of your favourite essential oil, pop it in a seal proof jar, and that's it. Apply with the fingers or a small spatula. It will last for months as coconut oil stays fresh even at room temperature so you can easily keep your jar in the bathroom or bedroom (or even your handbag).

2) If homemade deodorant sounds too much like hard work, then the next best thing is Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant. It comes in some lovely natural scents like citrus, spice, lavendar or tropical, and it works.

Other brands you might like to try:

3) Neal's Yard - I like the Lavender & Aloe, or Rose & Geranium

4) The Natural Deodorant Company

5) Dr Organics

6) Weleda roll on in sage, citrus or wild rose

7) Forever Living Aloe Roll On

8) Schmidt's Naturals

9) Fit Pit Woman

10) Nuud

Christmas is upon us, so may be if you ask Santa nicely he might deliver a few of the above in your Christmas stocking to try out.

If you'd like more help with your perspiration symptoms then please get in touch or make an appointment. I work internationally via Skype and face-to-face in Brixton, London, UK.


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