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When allergies rule your life

When Kristine came to see me she felt as though her allergies were ruling her life. In her early twenties, Kristine's handbag literally rattled with all the prescription creams, pills and over the counter medicines she needed to carry around to control her hay fever and her allergies to unsalted nuts, dog & cat hair and dust. She also had itchy eczema on her hands that was constantly flaring (despite using Betnovate), due to working in a shop where she frequently needed to wash her hands.

Despite the almost daily use of the antihistamine Loratadine and nasal sprays for her allergies, her eyes were always streaming and itching, alongside violent sneezing fits and a perpetual dripping nose. "I practically lived off nasal sprays & hay fever tablets in a bid to relieve my symptoms" admits Kristine.

I noticed that Kristine had some other marked symptoms including cold sores, constipation and a marked love of salt. This pointed me to the remedy Natrum Mur and after one dose of 200c, two weeks later Kristine’s eczema, allergies and other symptoms all began to recede. The remedy was repeated in higher doses over six months, and now, two years on, Kristine comes for an annual top up to stay symptom free from cold sores, eczema and the dreaded allergies. The Betnovate, Loratadine and nasal sprays went in the bin a long time ago.

I'll leave the last word to Kristine, "I can proudly say that to this day my eczema hasn't returned. Once in a blue moon my hay fever will start but Paula gives me a remedy to combat it & it goes away. Homeopathy is amazing!"

If you have eczema, hay fever or other allergies please get in contact or make an appointment. I work internationally via Skype, or face-to-face at my home in Brixton, London.


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